A Love Poem to The Seasons

I love the snow, I love the rain

I love the sleet between 

I love each dewey, foggy morn

Each dappled shade of green 

I love the sun, who shines on down 

And allows the world to grow

I love the way it dances, turns, and sets a brilliant glow 

I fall in love as the year turns 

With each new leaf and change 

As seasons pass, I forget their joy

Until they come again

Summer’s sun and Autumn’s rain and Winter’s frosty chill— 

Spring’s blooms and hope renewed, 

unlike any other thrill 

October’s squash and August’s berries and May’s first bloom of roses 

December’s feasts and April’s showers and September’s mountain posies 

Stormy days in January and strawberries in June 

Nettle’s return in February and a ring around the moon 

March brings early sunny naps and perhaps a hyacinth 

July is busy, but lies upon the shores and takes a swim 

November is a time for rest, a time for firelight—

Something bright to guide us through those darkest winter nights

This poem that I’m writing is for each new dawning day

The miracle of sunrise, through eons still it stays 

The miracle of day, and from sun and moon the light 

Of stars, of weather, flood and flame, always returns to night 

Turns and turns and turns again

And always starts anew 

What more is there to say 

Except that I thank you  

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